May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

At least the titles work together now.

I have spent more of my work life hiring new engineers than I have spent looking for work myself. One of the observations I have made when looking at hiring is that there is a high drop off at each stage of the interviewing process. So, you can’t think of just how many you need to hire, you need to think of how large your pipeline is to support the number of roles you want to hire.

Obviously every company and situation is different but I expect a 10x dropoff at each major stage:

  • 100 people apply
  • 10 people participate in interviews
  • 1 person is hired

This could probably further be broken down when you include initial phone screens and multiple rounds of interviews but this rubric has served me well when hiring. So, how has this worked out from the other side, when looking for work?

  • 25 applications
  • 5 (meaningful) interview processes
  • 2 late stage interviews
  • 1 job offer (accepted)

So these numbers are not the same as the other side, but I think interesting in that it was a factor of 5 dropoff at each stage.

Oh, yeah, I guess I buried the lede, I got a new job. The team was great to talk with, I like the company, and the work they do, so I am super excited. They were quite understanding that I need some time off to clear my head of my last job and the immediate job search so I don’t start for a few weeks. I will share more later.