May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Louis Menand’s article, Live and Learn - why we have college is great and you should read the whole article, but I wanted to point out one paragraph that struck me as a defender of the liberal arts education.

The most interesting finding is that students majoring in liberal-arts fields-sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities-do better on the C.L.A., and show greater improvement, than students majoring in non-liberal-arts fields such as business, education and social work, communications, engineering and computer science, and health. There are a number of explanations. Liberal-arts students are more likely to take courses with substantial amounts of reading and writing; they are more likely to attend selective colleges, and institutional selectivity correlates positively with learning; and they are better prepared academically for college, which makes them more likely to improve. The students who score the lowest and improve the least are the business majors.

That last sentence is particularly scary to me as these are the people who in theory, are being trained to run the companies I work for.