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Gingrich Calls Romney a Liar

This needed more than 140 characters to link to, so I’m trying a mini blog post. This article is a perfect example of why the public (or at least this member of the public) is so fed up with politics. Of course Romney lies, but so does Gingrich, so does every politician out there. It is probably safe to say that to be a politician is to lie. Some more, some less.

I would argue that our form of democracy (ok, republic) requires that politicians be liars. It is almost certainly impossible to get a majority of the population to vote for you without saying things you know are not true or at least not the whole truth. I’m not even sure I am bothered by that fact, as long as it is done with moderation. For me, the kicker is the hypocrisy. The blatant opportunism of it all.