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Bruce Schneier: The security mirage

Thanks to Tiffany for sharing this with me. A great talk by a really brilliant guy. The TED talks are always a great collection of really bright people talking (I have linked to them before: Why, how, what). You should look at the full list and find some, you will learn something. Bruce Schneier is definitely a must read and watch for anyone who works in any way with security, information or otherwise.

I try to avoid just reposting things, so I will add a little personal, geek envy story. Several (ok, more than several) years ago, I went on a trip to San Francisco for the company I worked for. I was lucky that there were two events going on at the same time. The first was Macworld San Francisco and it was the year the iPhone was announced. (see this picture from when I was there). But the next was a great opportunity to attend an EFF party at an art gallery in downtown. I was talking with a woman about something relating to her Vintage clothing website, I think. Out of the corner of my eye while we talked I saw someone and I knew that I knew who it was, but I couldn’t place them. I was probably rather rude to the woman I was speaking to as I kept glancing over to try to figure it out. At a certain point it hit me, HOLY SHIT, THAT’S BRUCE SCHNEIER. Now, I was a wimp and didn’t go talk to him, but it was cool none the less. At the same party, I also saw Violet Blue (NSFW link), whom I saw more recently at SXSW. All in all a cool party.

Ok, that’s my story, now go watch the video and learn something.