May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker



How did you know every time I drove up that I was coming to visit and make it down to the window to greet me? Was it the simple sound of my car or maybe some magical kitty sense I will never understand? But you always made me smile, postponing my entry to play with you at the window; to see but not hear your little meows.

As I started spending more time with Tiffany, your protective side came out, always finding a way to sit between us on the couch, like a 17th century chaperone; but coming to trust and accept me into the family. You knew when I was having a bad day and would forgo your feisty side and just sit in my lap for hours (only occasionally stabbing my leg as you tried to help). I don’t think you ever forgave us for removing the pictures above the bed that were just at tail height so you could rattle them in the morning to make sure that we got up not so much to feed you, but since you were up, shouldn’t we be?

There are so many good memories I have; I just wish we had had more time to make more. Wherever you are, take care, you will always be remembered in my heart.

Farewell, I miss you.

-Jeremy, your friend