May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Off again. This makes the fourth week in a row I am traveling. Back down to Jacksonville, FL on my way to Lake City, FL. For those of you keeping track, yes, I was in Florida two days ago. The necesity of this trip seems to be receding even as I travel, but such is life.

But rather than drag on about the negatives, I will talk about the great day I had yesterday. Coming back from Florida, Tiffany planned a great day on Sunday. It was probably the first day this year where being outside was comfortable. We got together with Adam, Liz, and their new puppy, Casey and went first to the New Kent Winery. We were served our tasting by Al, who did a great job. Good stories and good information on the wines. Wine was good enough that I bought a few bottles to restock my “cellar” at home.

We then drove into Richmond to Brown’s island and had a great picnic of bread, cheese, prosciotto, and apples. Sitting on the grass in the sun could not have been better. Liz, Adam, and Tiffany all practiced their gymnastics on the lawn to my amusement. We wandered around the island for a bit and made our way on the rocks in the James for fun. Casey also seemed to have a great time playing on the rocks as we walked.

Our last stop was James River cellars which was a bit if a dissapointment compared to New Kent. The servers were not as knowledgable and the wines were not as good.

We headed back home at that point with Casey mostly passing out in the back seat between Adamand I. After dropping off Adam, Liz, and the puppy we enjoyed a nice dinner of Top’s China and Dollhouse. Wish I had a longer weekend but I could not have asked for a better day between weeks of travel.

Looking forward to a quick week and a fun weekend to come.