May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

No, this will not be an entry about parapalegic hexapods. I am on the middle set of flights this week. Monday I made way up to Green Bay, WI to help make a sales presentation to a potential client I have been involved with for a month so. This was the same client which required the trip to Iowa and Illinois two weeks ago. Now I am on the second leg down to Jacksonville, FL for two days of internal meetings including a tour of one of the first Target sites I worked on.

The presentation was an interesting one for me. I have s new respect for my friends who have done their PhD defenses. We had 4 hours to present and go through a gauntlet of questions and critiques of our proposal. While I have little experience in the sales arena, I think it went well. I should know something when we land.

Unrelated to the meetings, one of the clients recomended what turned out to be an amazing restaurant, the Republic Chophouse in Green Bay. Beyond having the Plungerhead Zin, which is a great wine, I had a great bit of Wisconsin cheeses, followed by a suprisingly good salad. I like salads, but this had an amazing basil vinagrette that must have had tons of garlic. It had a wonderful basil flavor with a sharp, raw garlic bite too it. For the main course, I had a Morroccon lamb chops that were unbelievable. Wonderfully prepared medium rare and with such depth if flavor. Cinnamon and other spices melded so well wih the meat. Delicious. An unexpected surprise in Green Bay.

So hopefully Florida is ok. Then back home Saturday. Cya!