May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

So, I am here again writing in the air coming back from San Francisco trying to admire the view of the Rockies. While it truly is an amazing site, it doesn’t quite compensate for the travel. I set an internal goal to try to write an entry once a week, but given that I hit Friday without a positive, interesting topic coming to mind, I am left only to be slightly grumpy about travel. I hope you will grant me some leeway or just skip this entry.

Last week I did a whirlwind tour of Iowa and Illinois in 2 days. This week involved 3 days start to finish in California visiting the main bottling facility for E&J Gallo wineries. While not the idilyic setting of a winery with grapes stretching off into the distance it was cool to see a facility that bottles more wine than probably anywhere else in the country. I have never seen so much wine before.

Next week I had been scheduled to spend Wednesday night through Saturday night outside of Jacksonville, FL for an offsite meeting. But, as is often is the case, plans rarely survive first contact with the enemy or the customer. Thursday I was asked to add a pretrip Monday and Tuesday to Green Bay, WI. So, my current plan involves 6 flights next week starting at 6 am Monday morning taking me through the following airports: RIC->ORD->GRB->ORD->JAX->IAD->RIC. This over 6 days. Ugh.

So, not in the best mood right now. Hopefully I can have some quality time with Tiffany between the laundry and stuff this weekend.

There you have it. A grumpy blog post. Deal.

(But, in an attempt to mitigate the grumpy, you get a series of pictures. Aren’t I considerate?)