May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Trucking along at flight level 390 sitting in 2B on a United Airbus A320 right now. Ahh. What a great beginning for a blog entry. The warm nuts (just don’t say anything) and a glass of wine make this as pleasurable as air travel can be for me. Which means that it is only slightly better than the prospect of getting the same root canal my boss is getting tomorrow.

This trip started yesterday, which happenned to also be my two year anniversary with Swisslog. Up to now, I have concentrated on our largest customer on already sold projects. While I have helped on proposals before, my role has been behind the scenes. Behind the scenes no longer!

We took a prospective client to two of our sites, one in Iowa and a second in Illinois. I like to think that I availed myself well. While I am proud of the trait, my rather strict belief in openess and honesty has a tendancy to make sales guys just a little nervous. I have never never been able to embrace the loose grasp of reality necessary to truly be a salesman.

But even so, I always feel just a little dirty after sales meetings. Thankfully, I think I availed myself well and I believe that we can provide this client with a very good solution, so the sales effort was easy.

So, back home tonight after a short but tiring trip. Next week? Another sales trip to Modesto, CA. Hopefully I get some good wine out of it.