May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Today class, we will learn about states! California to be exact. And, well, learn might be too strong a word to describe the benefits from reading this report I wrote. My guess is that I wrote this in 1985 or so, which would have made me 10 years old at the time, so 5th grade. That brings to mind one of those things we take for granted with computers today, they know what time it is. I unfortunately have to guess with these items as computers didn’t have clocks. Even later, they did, but no batteries; remember booting up a DOS box and having to enter the time on startup? Glad that is behind us.

So, here you go, my thoughts on California.

The name of the state I have picked is California. The capitol is Sacromento in the middle of the California Valley. California became a state on September 9, 1850. Its population has grown to 25,622,000 in 1984.

In California the climate varies FROM 104-88F in July. In January it is from 64-40F.

California has some mountains which is the Sierra Nevada range. The valleys are the California Valley and Death Valley .

California is located in the western part of the U.S.A.. The main rivers are the San Joaquin and the Sacramento R. which emty into the San Francisco Bay. The largest cities are Sacramento which is in the California Valley and San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Jose which are by the waterfront.

In 1848 John A. Sutter was building a mill and discovered gold. He didn´t want anyone to know, but news finally got out and started the gold rush.

In California there are many tourist attractions. One of the most popular is Disneyland. One of the largest zoos is the San Diego Zoo. People drive on the RedWood Highway to see the large Redwood Trees. In Death Valley there is a large castle called Scotty´s Castle.

I picked this state because it is not only one of the largest states but one of the warmest.

Ironically, while I wrote that report nearly 25 years ago, I did not get to California in person until 2007 (San Francisco, Macworld 2007, EFF 16th). I’m afraid my experience on that trip did not overlap very much with this report. Maybe next time, although I doubt it, since I really just want to go back and visit some of the wineries.