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It has been a bit since I posted. I keep having ideas of things to post, but just never get the energy up to do so. My friend Michael has started posting again on his blog, Madking’s Musings, about all kinds of techie stuff. I love reading the entries and often want to make a response, but haven’t yet done so. Nor will this post correct the lack.

Nope, today is just a quick note about a great thing I did this past Sunday. After a great mother’s day weekend with Tiffany’s family (and yes, I called my mom too), I got invited to help with a photo-shoot for The Fat Canary in Williamsburg. I have never really done an “official” photo-shoot before, so this was new. We had a list of types of shots we wanted and the “feel” we were going for. The idea being to capture the neighborly, friendly aspect of the restaurant, which I can attest to as it is one of my favorites in town.

We spent over an hour trying not to get run over by the wait staff and trying not to annoy them too much as we took their pictures doing their work. The kitchen staff seemed to enjoy the attention (for the most part) and was very chatty while we watched them work. The general darkness of the inside gave me a new appreciation for my el-cheapo 50mm prime lens and makes we want to look at getting one of the slightly better ones.

I think what I enjoyed most is that given the event was a “sanctioned” one I did not feel awkward taking pictures of people. It is something I feel generally uncomfortable with while I am in public or just hanging around with friends. But in this instance, it really worked and I am proud of the shots I got. I think I was able to really capture the emotions of the people working at the restaurant.

I’m looking forward to doing more of these in the future.

Fat Canary Shoot Gallery