May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

So, it is kinda a big day. It seems right and proper that our first black president is being inaugurated the day after Martin Luther King Jr. day. As I was driving to the airport in Richmond this morning the VDOT highway signs south of Richmond were advising people driving to the inauguration to call 511 for traffic information. Note this is over 100 miles to DC. So yeh, I think it will be a big day.

I have high hopes for the Obama administration. Moreso than the obvious milestone for race relations in the US, I see his election to be a generational shift. Having a young president with a better understanding of where the country might go in the future. I think that is more important to me I hope he does well and can live up to some of the hype surrounding him. However the blind faith I heard on the radio on my drive gives me pause; people declaring categorically that he will be the best president ever. I certainly hope so, but none of us know. He may be a Kennedy or an FDR, but sadly he could be a Harding. Only time will tell.

I know however that I look forward to finding out.