May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker


There is a challenge when looks for new employment that is subtle but insidious. I received 4 formal offers of employment over the last 5 months as I looked for a new opportunity. In a perfect world, I would have been to look at all the offers and compare them and pick the one that looked the best for me. But that is not what happens. Like a more stressful version of Deal or No Deal, you get each offer by itself and you have to weigh the quality of it against the possibility you might get something better later. Thankfully for me, I am glad I passed on the first 3.

I have accepted an offer from Swisslog to eventually be the Director of Software Implementation for the North American division of their Warehouse and Distribution Solutions division. As this is a bit to bite off and chew immediately, I am starting by managing the technical aspects of their largest project. I will be using this project to learn the business, software, and process in more depth than would be possible if I tried to run the whole group right away. After a few months I will then expand my role over the whole operation. I am very excited. Having a company that is truly interested and willing to create an environment where one is set up to succeed is a rare find.

I’ve got a week or so before I start so I am going to be enjoying the last bit of work-free time by trying to get ahead with my school and house projects. More updates when I start.