May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker


[![Fishing off the rocks](]( "Untitled by Jeremy Beker, on Flickr")

Black and white photography is something new to me. Those with more official training in photography usually start shooting only black and white and I think that I see why. It is the same as working with a prime lens in that it removes a variable from the equation of taking a good shot. Rather than having a multitude of variables, I am forced down to just focus, aperture and exposure. That leaves more of the brain able to concentrate on framing the shot.

I don’t think I will start shooting exclusively black and white to practice, but as we exit fall and enter winter, there are not very many colors to speak of and I think it will allow me to explore other aspects of my picture taking.

A few more pictures from the same set are on my flickr page. I didn’t make a set, so it is probably easiest to click on the one above and just go backwards and forwards.