May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

[![City Panorama from Central Park](/images/1476538783_4ed6e21159.jpg)]( "New York Whirlwind Tour")
So. As most of you know, GuardianEdge decided to relocate my office to the West Coast and I decided not to go. This is the tactful way of saying that I am unemployed. One would think that when you are not spending 8 hours a day in an office that you would somehow find more time to relax and enjoy yourself. Sadly no. Not that I am overly unhappy, just busy and stressed and a bit worn out. Hmm. Might have something to do with the nearly 800 miles I traveled in a 45 hour span starting at 3am on Monday morning. You think? Not much news I feel like writing about on this topic. I know that people are curious and I know that people care how I am doing, but it gets a bit tiring talking about it all the time. And since this is my blog, I'm not going to. I'll let everyone know when something is more solid. Have a good…um…what day is it? I guess there are some side effects of this after all. P.S. click on the picture above to see some things from my NYC trip.