May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

For those of you not paying attention to the signs indicating various colored parking lots, this past weekend was the major [Jamestown 400th anniversary]( celebration. Not being interested in hanging around when upwards of 40 thousand people descended on Williamsburg, a bunch of us decided to leave town. Saturday morning, Brianne, Tiffany, Meghan, Jeff, Q, and I left in search of wine, food, and scenery towards Charlottesville. We stopped in Richmond for some breakfast and then made our way to the [Kluge Estates]( winery just outside of Charlottesville. While the setting there was pretty, the wine was so-so. Nothing that I got particularly excited about. We then made our way into town (didn't get lost) and sat outside at the downtown historic mall for lunch. After lunch, we got back on the road and visited the [Veritas]( winery in Afton. This was just amazing. The buildings were beautiful, the wine was amazing, the wine was free, and the weather and sites were gorgeous. We ended up getting a bottle of wine and relaxed outside at one of the tables. As Afton is close to the entrance to the [Skyline Drive](, we took that opportunity to drive the scenic route towards Madison (our dinner destination). The picture at left was taken at one of the many scenic overlooks. It did rain for part of the drive, but cleared up and we saw some amazing vistas. After much up and down-ness, we left the park and made our way to the Pig-n-steak. Ah, the [Pig-n-steak]( A great restaurant. In terms of food if not ambiance. As is my custom, I had the Mountaneer platter but the fare at the table was varied including ribs, steaks, and fried cheese filled olives. More food than one person (or six) should try to consume.

After a brief tour of Madison, we headed up towards Tiffany's parent's house for the evening and sleep. We were waylaid by a hailstorm, but aside from that the trip was uneventful. Brianne and I had to head back early on Sunday as she needed to go to work in the evening. We had a fun ride back, stopping for lunch in Richmond. And again we didn't get lost. An amazing weekend with amazing people. Thanks everyone. See below for pictures. [450 Miles of Fun - In pictures]( </div>