May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker


I’m back. I made it. I didn’t freak out and get thrown off the plane. I even had a great time. The week was long but productive. Not much point in talking about the work stuff as no one who reads this really cares. Suffice to say it was geat to put faces to names and meet new faces and forget their names.

Tuesday after work, Andrew and I wandered down to Pier 39 and along the waterfront which is where I took most of the pictures. The big excitement for me at least came Thursday night, when I got to go to both Macworld and the EFF’s Sweet 16 party.

Macworld was just cool. It is the ultimate Apple person’s destination. I have been to Macworlds in New York before, but the one in San Francisco is just better, no questions asked. It really is an overload of stuff. I was looking through my bag-o-schwag when I got home and I found things I had put in it from vendors I don’t even remember visiting. As for the big ticket items? The iPhone looks very cool, I am going to seriously consider getting one. The Apple TV also looks very cool, although I think my current set up is more than suffiecient for now. But maybe when I finaly splurge for an HD TV, the extra $299 will be worth it.

The EFF Party was very exciting and a bit unnerving. It was clear to me that most of the people who come to these events are regularls, so I felt out of place a little. But I eneded up meeting a very nice woman who authors A Dress a Day. This is obviously not my thing, but she is apparently near the top of the game for her genre. We had a great time talking about all sorts of things. (And when I got home and mentioned it to Rachel, she was like “Oh yeh, I used to read that a lot.”) As I looked around the crowd, I realized there were many people present that I was used to seeing either as subject matter or posters for sites like Boing Boing. Not to mention that for most of the evening, Bruce Schneier was maybe 5 feet away from me bad cameraphone picture). I could get very used to going to events like that.

So I had a great time. I have linked to pictures I took and to pictures others took of the EFF event (as I didn’t have my camera). Enjoy

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