May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Hey everyone, Jeremy here. Who’s that? Oh right, this is my blog. Haven’t felt much like writing lately. Sorry. Work stuff is boring to write about even if it is busy. Personal stuff, is, well, personal, and unlike some bloggers, I don’t feel like airing everything that happens in my life to the internet at large. Still finding my feet on the personal side of life; I am feeling a certain kinship with a toddler learning to walk. I think I’m learning, but certainly will end up with a few good bruises to show for it. So, life has certainly not been boring lately, just not post-worthy.<p>

Went to the GSA/Law School Halloween party last week. That was quite a lot of fun and I got meet a bunch of new people from different grad programs. I found it interesting and oddly comforting that the DJ played a huge selection of music that was new and popular when I was going to high school dances. And to the suprise of many people, I actually danced to it this time around. If I knew I would get as many shocked reactions as I have over the last week, I would have done it sooner, it has been funny. So that is it at the moment. I'm still here. Feel free to ping me and say hi.