May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker


Good morning everyone. Just a quick photo and story post. Braz and I finally managed to get together last night to grab dinner (along with his two lovely daughters). We were meeting in CW for a walk first at 6; I didn't leave my office until 5:15, so I decided to forgo heading home and just went in early to take advantage of the great evening light to find some pictures. But aside from pictures it seemed to be an evening for meeting friends. As I was walking, I first ran into Dave from my office out on a walk with his wife before a dinner at the Trellis. A little later as I was heading up to meet Braz, I ran into a quite admirably ambitious Tiffany out running. Braz, Emma, Sarah, and I all had a good walk although I think Emma and Sarah got the better deal as they spent most of the walk on our shoulders. Dinner and much discussion ensued. Good evening all around. So that's my story; enjoy the [pictures](