May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker


So I finally did it; I made it to an Apple Store opening and it was cool. It was campy, filled with cheesy enthusiasm, and reminiscent of high school pep rallies. But it was wonderful. Being surrounded by hundreds of crazy Apple fanboys (and girls) is a unique experience to say the least. The whole trip was just fun.<p>

Being squeezed into Jim's car with 4 other people wouldn't normally seem like a good idea, but somehow it just added a certain extra crazy atmosphere to the whole trip. How often do you get to squash into a car with other Apple geeks and spend the entire ride down to Norfolk talking about the various pros and cons of different Apple coding techniques? So thank you to Jim for organizing, and Adam, Tiffany, and Q for a great trip. Oh yeh, I got a t-shirt :) Picture: [Apple Store MacArthur Center Opening](