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The story didn’t end with the last post (here).

Shipping: I got notified that my laptop had shipped back to me complete with a tracking number for DHL. Apple wisely ships things next day air, so I knew exactely when it was going to arrive. I also knew that it was being shipped to my house; on a weekday; to be delivered at 10:30 am. The question of whether a signature would be required was paramount in my mind. So, I called the DHL number and asked if it would require a signature; seems simple enough, wouldn’t you think? The woman said it would not. Being paranoid I kept checking the DHL tracking website to see when it got there. At around 10:45 I saw a new notice: “Delivery attempted. Will attempt next business day.” CRAP! So I called DHL back and spoke with a wonderfully nice woman in the local office. She was quite considerate and said that if I could go and sign the delivery ticket they would swing back around that afternoon. So I did, and they did. The package got left at my door and I eagerly went home at 4:00 to see how the repairs had gone.<p>

Unpacking: When I unpacked the box, everything initially looked ok. I saw from the letter included that they had replaced the inverter board (as expected) and the LCD screen. Unfortunately, when I powered it up, I noticed two long scratches down the right side of the LCD. the more I looked, I noticed that at the top of the LCD (where the iSight camera is mounted), the bezel surrounding the LCD was not fully seated in the case, and as a result it had gotten bent. Not good. Tech Support: So I called Apple again and explained the situation. The guy on the phone was not particularly apologetic, but he also was perfectly accepting of my explanation and opened another support ticket. My MacBook Pro was going to take a second trip. Home again, home again: I got my laptop back today, and everything is in good shape. Apple replaced both the LCD and the bezel that was bent. I'm happy. Oh. The picture? I find it very commendable that the support guy verified that the iSight camera was working. I find it amusing he forgot to empty the trash. But since this is the second support guy (the one who fixed everything properly) I can only raise my hat to this unnamed Apple employee for doing a much better job than the last guy and getting my MacBook Pro back in only 2 business days