May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

We are back!  Back from the nice warm sun to the cold grey twilight of winter.  You can tell I'm thrilled :)  We had a wonderful time.  The boat was nice, our room comfortable, the food scrumptious (and plentiful), the sea beautiful, the islands warm and welcoming.  And the trip was just the right length; we had enough time to relax and enjoy ourselves but were happy it was over at the end.

I am very happy Elizabeth talked me into taking a cruise and I have a feeling I may be more excited about the idea of going on another one than she is.  She did a wonderful job of documenting what we did every day and I expect she will post those at some point, but I can give you a glimpse via pictures.  Well more than a glimpse since we took over 800 of them.  Have fun!

Cruise Photos