May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

::sigh:: A real internet connection. At home even! wow.

After a little difficulty this afternoon due to a faulty DSL modem I am all set! Widomaker promptly replaced the faulty unit. This being a prime example of why I am going with Widomaker instead of Verizon. I can’t imagine the pain I would have had to go through with a big faceless company to get the $10 box replaced.

Why DSL? Well I could have gotten a cable modem. It would have been a faster connection, however I would have had to deal with Cox. And that is always bad. Not only that I would have had to share my internet connection with the pimply faced kid down the street who just realized there are naked girls on the internet. So now I have a DSL connection. It is my connection and the only person who I have to share it with is Elizabeth (and she already knows about the naked girls). I have a static IP address and a company I trust. That is worth it.