May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Murphy is laughing his ass off right now

I went to take my walk this afternoon. As I had to bring my form by parking services to get my new parking pass, I took that with me and stopped by parking service first. As I left, I placed my pass in my pocket and proceeded to walk down DOG street to the Capital and back to my office. I went to get my sticker out of my pocket and it wasn’t there. I looked in my car and around my office; no sticker. Shit.

So I went back out, retraced my entire walk (that would be 3 miles or so). No sticker. So I slunk back to the parking services office to grovel and pay the “idiot who looses his sticker within an hour of getting it” fee. As I am talking to the lady in parking service, her phone rings.

Some tourist found my sticker and walked it into an office on campus.

I can hear the laughter all the way over here.