May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

As part of the final exam for my CS class, the undergrads were asked to rate each of the three grad students on our management skills. This included providing comments to some questions regarding our ability and worthiness as managers. I just got copies of my evaluations and I thought I would pass along some of the more choice comments.

Question: “Would you recommend that this manager be placed in leadership positions in the future? Why or Why not?”

[Removed at the request of the writer. See comments ::chuckle::]

Question: Please comment on how you think this manager can improve his or her management skills.”

“Be a little less anal, maybe. Take people less seriously.”

[And my all time favorite]

shrug Lay the smack down on negative workers with more prejudice.”

These are just some of my favorites. The class really did a great job and I am happy to have worked with all of them (well almost).