May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

I read Slashdot, as do most of you, but the comments on the system rarely rise above the general 13 year old geek “my blip is bigger than your blip.”

But Occasionally you come accross a great comment. This is from an article on Apple selling a million songs from the iTunes Music Store in 3.5 days.

The good publicity Apple’s sure to get from this would almost make it worth their while to buy those songs themselves…

…hmm… wait a minute…

No, sorry, my bad. It wasn’t Apple. It was me. I admit it. I was the one who bought those songs. I just wanted to see if their servers could withstand a vicious one-man slashdotting…

It can - apparently the iTunes server’s not running Windows. But I’ll try again tonight, this time with my friend Chris buying the same songs simultaneously. Then I’ll get Greg and Dave to help me buy whole albums at a time, and pretty soon, Steve Jobs will crumble in terror and BEG us to stop our vicious assault on their site!

Steve Jobs, I warned you - I’ve got my VISA, and I’m ready to take. you. down.

You didn’t care when I started buying iPod after iPod in an attempt to exhaust your assembly line workers in a one-man iPod Slashdotting. Well this is different. This time, I’m serious and I’ve upped my VISA limits. Your site is toast. Get ready to rumble!