May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Elizabeth and I went down to Newport News today in search of an armoir for her to better organize her clothes. We unfortunately did not realize the excitement we would be having when we came home. When we got home, Elizabeth was being silly with her water bottle as we unloaded the car and was squirting some around. I was getting something out of the back seat of the car when I noticed water dripping on the roof of the car.

I thought it was from Elizabeth until I looked at the ceiling in the garage. Unfortunately, I saw that it was not from an errant squirt, it was coming in slow drips through the ceiling. Directly above the garage is the master bathroom to which I ran only to find a big puddle.

Apparently the tank on the toilet had cracked and had been dripping water for the better part of the time we had been gone. We have no idea how it cracked, but we needed a new toilet.

So off to Lowes we went and found a nice new white (not light blue like the old one, thank god) toilet. Now, I have helped install a toilet before, but this was the first time solo and it had been quite a while. But I didn’t have much choice.

Thankfully it was easier than I remembered and far less unpleasant than I had expected. So now we have a new much more water efficient toilet. Fun on a sunday afternoon.