May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

From the NY Times:

The cities of Chicago and Seattle will be the focus of a $16 million exercise next week to test how well the federal government would deal with simultaneous attacks by terrorists using biological and radiological weapons. The exercise, said to be the largest domestic security drill ever carried out by the federal government, will be played out over five days starting on Monday and involve dozens of federal, state and local emergency-response agencies.

OK, reading that it seems like not such a bad idea. See how people react. Prepare for the unexpected, right? Then I read this (from USA Today):

Although participants have been told when and where the simulated attacks will occur, and that they involve a radiological device and biological agent, the details remain secret to allow for some elements of surprise.

What?! Exactely what element of suprise is left? They know What, When, and Where. Will they be suprised because they get jelly beans at the command center instead of donuts?

It is wonderful to know that our governement will be fully prepared the next time that the “bad guys” send us an invitation to their attack complete with full description of the items being served.