May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

To put it simply, this is an amazing book by an even more amazing author. The foreword expresses my feelings that everyone needs their own personal Eric Meyer to call upon, but this book makes a close second.


This book is not a tutorial on the intricacies of CSS (if you are looking for that, look to some of the other books that Eric has written). This book offers case studies on implementing different web projects using CSS. He covers topics ranging from conversion of existing HTML layouts to pushing the boundaries of CSS to do things never before possible with simple HTML.

His presentation is clear and brings you through his thought process step by step. The book has great full-color images that illustrate key steps along the way so that you can understand the process more clearly. The projects he uses will provide a starting point for most basic web design problems.

In addition to the overall benefit provided by his examples, Eric Meyer’s use of all aspects of CSS will certainly teach you things you have not known before. I learned several constructs that I never knew I could do before seeing them in use in the book. I also appreciated his presentation of print stylesheets; something I have only seen mentioned briefly in other places.

A great book, well worth reading.