May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Most of my readers have heard me rant and rave on numerous occasions about the wonders of standards compliance, CSS, XHTML and other such web technologies.

But have I helped you learn about them? Well not until now! OK, so I lied, I’m not actually going to help you learn about them, but I am going to point you towards some of the cool sites I have found around the net that have helped me learn stuff.

W3C - OK, don’t actually follow this link, it is the obligatory “here lie the standards” link.

NYPL Online Style Guide - These guys are just cool. The New York Public Library has lots of great, straightforward information about moving to XHTML standards compliance.

A List Apart - Over 150 articles that tackle every issue you could think of about writing web pages. From making standards compliant HTML that actually works in different browsers to “How to Write a Better Weblog”. Very broad range of topics.

CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit - How to reproduce layout techniques that are not always obvious with CSS. Columns. Mmmmm.

css / edge - Pushing the envelope is an understatement when describing this site. This is the cutting edge, and Eric Meyer could care less if it works in your browser, it works in his. Mozilla (or derivative) is a must.

Internet Developer from Apple - Although geared towards Mac users, this site contains lots of good information on CSS, and a great discussion of the issues and solutions to dealing with fonts in a consistent way across browsers and OSs.

W3C HTML Validator - when you are ready to feel some pain, go here and check how your page does. The W3C validator is cruel to you until you get the hang of writing standards compliant HTML.

W3C CSS Validator - Same as above, but for your CSS.

Oh, and I will help if you have questions :)