May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Braz and Kris give us an excuse to go to Outback. Unfortunately I had started dinner 10 minutes before they called. damn.

I have no idea where I was going with the intro, so this will be a disjointed, completely incoherent entry. Thanks for reading. Elizabeth and I are actually taking a vacation. Horror of horrors! I know this comes as a shock and everyone is now looking outside to catch a glimpse of the flying pigs. Snow is melting hell, and Bush just had an original intelligent thought. Amazing, yes I know. But am I going to tell you what we are doing? Enlighten my readers as to the great fun adventure we will be undertaking? Hell no. Why not? I learned my leason last time. We might get lost never to be seen again only to be saved if we had left notice of our destination, but still; NO! Several years back, she and I planned a nice long weekend in a small bed and breakfast up in the mountains. All I told people was that we were staying around Charlottesville, and I must have mentioned at some point that I had made the reservations over the internet. (What self respecting geek would do otherwise?) Elizabeth and I go up and our enjoying doing nothing. Reading books, looking in the woods, staring at the ceiling. One morning we come out and get started on our breakfast and there is a note on the tray: "Call the office" Never again do I give people a hint of where I am going. Not even the freaking STATE we are staying in. So there.