May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Fall is here, and we are entering the cold-and-wet season in Williamsburg. My theory is that Williamsburg has three major weather types: hot-and-wet, warm-and-wet, and cold-and-wet. It is suprising how the body changes in response to the climate. Growing up in Connecticut, I was able to spend large amounts of time in the cold. Real cold, not this sorta-kinda wimpy cold that we get here in Virginia. But my blood has thined as the saying goes and I am now a man of the South. It is cold, and it is supposed to be a colder than normal this winter.

That all said, I really like fall, (especially when it isn’t raining). The cool, clear air and the colors of nature are wonderful. I am able to indulge in my photography and provide them for my friends viewing pleasure. Unfortunately the drought that our area has been enduring has hurt the trees enough that I do not expect as spectacular foliage as we have had in previous years.

Not much else has been happening the last few days to report on.