May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Today was a drippy day. Well, my demo at the SIT team meeting went quite well. Took about 45 minutes as I was constantly peppered with questions of what we could and couldn’t do with the system that often ran off on bizarre tangents. But I honestly like demos more when they are interactive. I think that is the root of my dislike of public speaking.

The un-interactiveness of giving “speaches” makes me ill. In contrast, when I am in a meeting or a group of people where I am presenting an idea or just participating in a discussion, I always sepak up, and I often end up running the meetings. I find that I act as a sort of human catalyst and focus the work of the people around me into one cohesive whole; GAH! that sounds like I am a leader or something.

I was going to give the demo again at our staff meeting in the afternoon, but the other people in the meeting (I was not going to get involved) got sidetracked on numerous other topics. The only thing I spoke up on (and was a hard-ass about) was a few security issues. People didn’t seem to realize that if there is a security issue with a system, not distributing a tool that could be used to access the stuff you don’t want them too is not the solution. I need a big sign; “Security through obscurity is not security!”

Our Clematis arrived this afternoon. I think these are definately fast growing plants. In the time that it took them to get from Connecticut on Wednesday to Williamsburg on Friday, the two plants had started to grow into and cling to each other. Very needy plants; probably had traumatic childhoods. We seperated them and put them out in the rain to keep them happy. Planting will probably take place tomorrow.

We are making a new recipe tonight; Chicken in Garlic and Shallots. Wow it smells good. I can’t wait to eat it. Yum Yum Yum.

Good night.