May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Attached is a conversation I had this morning on IM. The names of the participants have been changed to protect the innocent. (Well maybe not innocent.) It provides an interesting insight into the mind of a techno-fiddler.

DP: have you tried RH 8.0 yet?

Jeremy Beker: ::laugh:: nope.

DP: I’m having problems with the CDs…I can’t get them to boot

DP: maybe my iso files are corrupted

Jeremy Beker: they should have MD5 checksums listed somewhere you can compare with

DP: how do I compute the MD5 checksum?

Jeremy Beker: md5sum

DP: ah…seems easy enough..haha

Jeremy Beker: I have also found that when discs are burned at high speed, they will take too long to be recognized by the cdrom drive and not be ready in enough time to allow the machine to boot from them.

DP: ah…I bet that’s it

DP: I think I only burned at 16x though

DP: so do I use: md5sum image.iso …

Jeremy Beker: 16 is very fast. I have had problems with CDs burned at 8x, I usually do 4x if I am having issues

Jeremy Beker: yes, md5sum

DP: hmmm….doesn’t seem to be doing anything

DP: oh well…I’ll try to burn at a lower speed

Jeremy Beker: it will take it a bit to go through 650MB

DP: hmmm…the software I’m using doesn’t go below 8x….so I’ll try that.

Jeremy Beker: ::laugh::

DP: I thinkI burned my 7.3 discs at 12x and didn’t have any problems

Jeremy Beker: did the md5sums match?

DP: its still cranking away

DP: yes…checksums match….must be the burn rate

Jeremy Beker: also if you can set your machine to only boot from CD, you may be able to force it to load.

DP: yeah…this POS model that I have only allows you to set the “first” drive to try

Jeremy Beker: oh

DP: it starts to load, ,but then I get an error

Jeremy Beker: make a boot floppy

DP: something about linux trying to wing it

Jeremy Beker: the images should be on the CD

DP: ….I might have to do that…I don’t think I actually own a floppy

Jeremy Beker: ::laugh::

Jeremy Beker: there is that

DP: I’ll have to go to staples and probably have to buy them in packages of like 150

DP: ah…CD is done…I’ll try this new one

DP: hmmm…same error

Jeremy Beker: kernel error, or redhat error?

DP: isolinux: Loading spec packet failed, trying to wing it…

DP: isolinux: Failed to locate CD-ROM device, boot failed.

DP: but the 7.2 and 7.3 discs I have work just fine…and I made them on the same burner

Jeremy Beker: oh. do you have a funcky cdrom drive?

DP: same drive I used to load 7.2 and 7.3

Jeremy Beker: and you haven’t dorked with the hardware since then

DP: I think that this is RH’s plot to make me replace every piece of this machine one upgrade at a time

DP: I replaced the video card…

Jeremy Beker: that shouldn’t make a difference.

DP: since the new and “improved” drivers didn’t work with my old card….

DP: even though the old drivers worked

Jeremy Beker: that is what you get for upgrading

DP: haha…yes…I suppose so

Jeremy Beker: (which is why I never “upgrade” a working system without a very good reason)

DP: I have a good reason

DP: …I need bluecurve

Jeremy Beker: um. that is the new window manager look, isn’t it?

DP: ximian is getting old

DP: yes

Jeremy Beker: ::sigh:: that is not a good reason

DP: well…when I have to look at it all day…a new desktop is like a vacation for me

Jeremy Beker: uh huh. you just can’t stand to leave something alone without fiddling with it

DP: well….why should I leave it alone when I can make it better, faster, stronger…like the bionic computer

Jeremy Beker: given your current success rate, I think older, plainer, and working might have been a better choice