May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

So it is time again for our fall plantings (actually again is too strong a statement. This is our first fall planting. We had a spring planting this year.)

Read on for the beginning of the fall planting saga. The front lawn is my enemy. Grass will not grow on the low hill in the front lawn. I have tried since we bought the house to no avail. Not that I really like lawn, but I hate plain dirt. But the dirt won; this time.

I’m bringing in the big guns now. FLOWERS! ha ha ha!

Elizabeth laid out a flower bed that is pleasantly curved and encomposes a large portion of the “dead zone.” We have been planning this area for quite a while and settled on a wonderful package that White Flower Farm offers called Daffodils & Daylilies, a Collaboration of Color. It is made up of 100 Daffodil bulbs and 50 Daylilies. Given the size of the bed, we needed two of them. Wow, that will be lots of planting.

We also have a lattice wall that I built in the back yard that surrounds the two air conditioning units outside. We wanted to get a flowering vine to grow up it that would attract butterflies. After researching the subject, we settled on Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis paniculata).

So I placed the order today and the flowers should be shipping within the next month (they start shipping items in Spetember starting with the coldest climates and working south).

I will make status reports as things progress.