May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

So Apple has released the new version of Mac OS X to the world. Us mac-weenies have been awaiting this without much patience. But it finally came.

I hastily (but lovingly) opened my box yesterday and gazed lovingly over the new CDs awaiting my pleasure. Then I saw it. The Scratch. On the CD. Oh shit. I vainly thought, it will be ok, it will still install.

I put in the CD in and booted my machine.


“Installer error 38”


::frustration passes::

Jacob, my friendly Apple sales guy appologizes profusely and promises to next-day air me a copy ASAP. Very nice of him, but I am still disappointed.

So I ponder removing the scratch. Hmm. What do I need. Mild abrasive. AHA!

TOOTH PASTE! (actually Colgate to be more exact)

I spend countless minutes carefully rubbing the scratch out. It looks good. I hope.

I again try to make a disk image of the CD (a task which has failed many times before).

And I watch as the progress bar fills.


But it keeps going!


A new copy of my CD is burning now. Hopefully it will work.