May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

This is really a mac-geek thing. Read on if you are interested, if not, don’t bother. OK, after all of the excitement of my last entry, Things are happy again. I will try to give a short overview of what I did, problems I had, and what I did to fix them.

The Install

I booted off of my newly created CD, and all went well. Given information I had read on other sites (and my own inclinations) I picked the “Clean Install” option, and picked to preserve my existing users and network settings. I would recomend this option for everyone who has enough drive space. There is almost no downside.

The install went quite smoothly.

At my first login, my Palm Sync stuff bombed out with an error, but otherwise everything came up ok.

Here is what I had to reinstall or upgrade:

  • Palm Desktop
  • Keyspan USB to Serial drivers
  • MySQL
  • GPGMail

The first three I had to redo because of the install type I did. They had installed kernel extensions that needed to be updated or just got moved to the “Previous System” folder. But I would have had to redo the Keyspan drivers anyway as the old drivers would not have worked with 10.2.

I also had to recreate my NFS mounts for my MP3s. Initially this confused iTunes, but after a reboot all was well.

I had to reactivate PHP inside Apache. 3 line fix.

I uninstalled my copies of ASM, TinkerTool, and SharePoints until they have 10.2 compatible versions.


Wow. Here are the salient points.

  • It is faster; much faster
  • iChat is cool (after you turn off the balloon talk)
  • Mail is even better, the Junk filter is uncanny even without any training
  • Did I mention it was faster?
  • Lots of little UI polishes that make it look much nicer
  • The integration between the Address book, iChat, and Mail is slick

That is all for now. Post questions if you are curious about anything.