May Contain Blueberries

the sometimes journal of Jeremy Beker

Spam is evil. Spammers are tricky.

So I don’t like spam, I don’t think any person really does. So I have been trying to limit the amount of spam I actually see.

Initially I started with using a program that I wrote (rbl-milter) which tags messages that come from open relays. That worked quite well for a while and was catching about 75%-90% of messages with almost no false positives.

But the spammers have been getting more tricky and my hit rate was dropping, and after seeing one too many “Increase your bust size” emails I decided to add another line of defense, SpamAssasin.

Now SpamAssasin does lots of tests and builds a score for each message, so I think it will work better.

At least until the spammers get more tricky.