Hi there, I'm Jeremy

Technology is my passion. For over 15 years, I have provided expert technical skills in software development to small and large organizations. My focus has been in the areas of software development, software architecture, computer security, cryptography, and sustainable development practices. I have successfully led teams that provided important social services to millions of underprivileged citizens, developed systems to protect data using state of the art cryptography, built systems that move vast quantities of food and retail products through the supply chain, used smart cards to provided security and protection for critical data, and provided core online services used by an entire university on a daily basis.

But I am not limited to technology. I will eagerly join in on discussions of corporate strategy, product direction, graphics design, or marketing strategy. My strength is my broad base of experience and interest. I have a knack for pulling seemingly unrelated disciplines together to produce the best solutions. I excel at taking the myriad ideas of a team and synthesizing them into a coherent vision that is achievable, sustainable, and will keep your ideas moving forward.

I believe that technology has and will continue to change the world we live in. And I love being a part of that.

If you believe your organization can benefit from the skills I possess, I would like to speak with you.

Other Pursuits

My passion and curiosity for new knowledge extends beyond my professional career, and it is my opinion that being well rounded outside of one's career is as important as inside.

My MooCards

Jeremy Beker

Leader with broad experience implementing technology to solve problems. Solid background in Information Technology and Computer Science fundamentals. Strong believer that technology is a tool to improve every facet of people’s lives. Insatiably curious and passionate about learning in most every subject. Committed to servant leadership and helping all team members grow and learn.